Saturday, December 04, 2010

“I Can See Sound” by David Lynch - Review

Can you see sound?

Yes, if you listen to David Lynch’s latest CD “I Can See Sound.”

This is the thematic music of life. Rich melodies brimming with heart and an honest invitation to experience an audio vision. Lynch offers a mixture of romp and contemplation, songs that will cause you to stop what you are doing, listen and experience.

I’ve always been a fan of David’s evocative guitar pieces. He creates movement and place with just a few strings, but with this new CD he has discarded any pretense and opened up his audio soul. He has reworked “Marianne’s Wedding” and “Mahatma” and taken them down a fresh path. 

Is it Country? No. Blues? No. Classical guitar? No. Images of these genres dance through Lynch’s music, but these songs will not be pigeonholed. He calls it “California Bluegrusion.” Is this music inclusive? Yes. Emotionally rich? Yes. Musically complex? Yes, but with an ability to dance with your ear?

When my husband put on this CD I was deeply engaged in work. But David’s guitar extended a hand to me and lead me to the playground where his intelligent and unexpected lyrics painted sound images. Who would have thought that the line “You brown my onions,” could be so sensual?

David Lynch you have given me a visual note of your true self and a new favorite CD. Now I can see sound.

Go see sound for yourself and listen at

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Anonymous said...

I totally agree....well put! I Can See Sound is an amazing CD that everyone should own!